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Becky Hall, Finance and Office Manager

Born and raised in Casper, WY, Becky has lived in several states since moving away.  She made the decision to return to her home state of Wyoming and is excited to assist with the conservation of this beautiful state.  She loves the scenic views, the open land, mountains, water and especially the wildlife.  Becky has seen the negative changes of development in the states she has previously lived in and wants to do her part to see that changes such as these do not affect Wyoming.

As the Finance and Office Manager for WSGLT, Becky will oversee all aspects of the land trusts business administration and finances, and will assist with event planning.  Becky has a background on both sides of non-profit organizations, being employed as a business manager for a non-profit, and serving as a board member and board president with another.

Becky enjoys traveling, reading, decorating and spending time with family in her free time.


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