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Maggie Laing, Stewardship Intern

Maggie grew up on a first generation farm and ranch located in Bennett, Colorado and St. Francis, Kansas. She enjoyed cattle, pigs, and chickens so much, Maggie decided to study Agricultural Business at the University of Wyoming to find out how she could eventually own her own in the future. Maggie then took an unexpected detour on her scheme to accrue livestock and moved to Washington D.C., where she worked as a Staff Assistant for the late Senator Enzi, and then at the United States Department of Agriculture for former Food Safety Undersecretary, Mindy Brashears. Maggie missed Wyoming and the prairie, being a plainswoman at heart, and so she joined the Wyoming National Guard as an artilleryman. She is now a 2L at the University of Wyoming College of Law. 

Eventually, Maggie would like to work for nonprofit, mission-based organizations that support subsistence farmers with sustainable agricultural aid and community development. In the meantime, she is still scheming on how to own a large amount of livestock and work for a rural law practice. She enjoys reading, mountain biking, generally being outside, and perfecting her small talk skills about the weather.

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