Past Recipients of the
Bucholz Award

King Ranch – 2023
Todd Heward – 2022
Scott Sims – 2021
Ogden Driskill – 2020
Albert Sommers – 2019
Kermit Brown – 2018
Jim Wilson – 2017
Patrick O’ Toole – 2016
Alan Barnett – 2015
Bobbie Frank – 2014
Mike Healy – 2013
Bob Budd – 2012
Jim Chant – 2011
Joe Glode – 2010
Dr. John Lunt – 2009
Dennis Sun – 2008



Bucholz Conservation Award

The Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust is seeking nominations for the 2024 Bucholz Conservation Award. This award is meant to recognize an individual or family who:

– Is an advocate for conserving Wyoming’s farms and ranches.

– Is a land steward or agricultural advocate who has been a participant in natural resource discussions on a state, regional, or national level.

– Is a defender of water conservation and protecting Wyoming’s traditional water rights.

– Has a personal commitment to habitat conservation and is a proponent of hunting and wildlife protection.

– Has implemented land or resource conservation practices on their property with the WSGLT or a similar organization.

Wyoming is home to many individuals and families that exhibit these traits. Help us recognize our land stewards and agricultural advocates – please submit your nomination by May 1, 2024 to Clara Keyt (

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