Bucholz Conservation Award

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2021 Kurt Bucholz Conservation Award Recipient: Scott Sims

Sims is being recognized for his exceptional commitment to and support of agricultural land conservation, water rights, and fish and wildlife habitat. Sims was nominated by the Medicine Bow Conservation District.

The Bucholz Conservation Award is given in memory of the late Dr. Kurt Bucholz, DVM, rancher from
Carbon County, and early supporter of the Stock Growers Land Trust. The Bucholz Conservation Award
winner encompasses the agricultural stewardship values and conservation ethic that Dr. Bucholz
exemplified in his life.

Sims is an avid advocate for the agricultural community and the ranching way of life, leading by example
through roles on various boards that hold the same values. Sims has been a Board Member for the
Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust, the Medicine Bow Conservation District, the Farm Service Agency,
and many more organizations. Sims is also the immediate past President of the Wyoming Stock Growers
Association, where he has been a member since 1975.

Sims is also active in natural resource discussions from the local to the national level through his
involvement with the Public Lands Council and played a crucial role in a nationwide panel that studied
the effects of high intensity, short duration grazing. In addition, Sims influences local natural resource
policies and practices through his work on the Rock Creek Water Users Board and the Rock Creek
Coordinated Resource Management Program.

The Sims family shows their passion for conservation through their on-the-ground projects. They have
worked with several organizations – from the NRCS to Trout Unlimited to the Wyoming Game and Fish
Department – to implement habitat, riparian connectivity, and grazing management projects on their

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