The 5,080 acre Lummis Ranch owned by the family of U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis recently sold. The Montana firm that brokered the sale, Hall and Hall, has donated $25,000 to the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust in memory of Enid Lummis, Cynthia’s mother who died last year.

Hall and Hall history: The year was 1946—a time when our soldiers were returning home from war. The United Nations held its first general session. The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” starring James Stewart and Donna Reed, was acclaimed “the best movie of all time,” and Roy Rogers was riding tall in the saddle and in the hearts of people across the country. This was also a time for new adventures and new business opportunities. Henry Hall and his son, Warren, founded Hall and Hall. Traversing the vast landscape of the West and carrying his bedroll, a forty-five pistol, and a stack of loan applications on the seat beside him, Henry developed close business and personal relationships with the hard-working ranchers and farmers he met along the way.

Those early friendships were built on trust, good advice, and being there to lend a helping hand. “While many things have changed over the years the basic principles on integrity, fairness, and hard work still drive everything Hall and Hall does. And they always will.” — Mike Hall

“We as a family were very pleased with the generosity of Hall and Hall in regards to the donation to the Stock Growers Land Trust. My mom was instrumental in keeping the ranch in working order, not necessarily in the corrals, but in the office. She was an essential part of the family’s ranching operation. Through her efforts the lights were kept on, all of us were fed and the jeans were mended. The fact that Hall and Hall so generously responded in respect to my mom was admirable and speaks well of the company and what they stand for.” — Del Lummis

Photo courtesy of Hall and Hall

Photo courtesy of Hall and Hall