Hecht Creek Ranch, nestled in the Centennial Valley of Southeastern Wyoming, was created in 2005 when the Sigel family acquired a 118-year-old ranch near Albany. The family donated a conservation easement on 2,270 acres to the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust in December 2005.

Continuing the legacy as a working ranch, Hecht Creek Ranch remains primarily a cattle operation with yearlings in the summer and a breeding herd year-round. Pastures on the property are continuously being improved with the addition of clover, the mowing of sagebrush, and the removal of junipers and downed aspen. These improvements have provided a steady increase in the annual grazing capacity. The family has also added a herd of horses to accommodate trail riding, as well as guest quarters for visitors.

The ranch is a haven for iconic Wyoming wildlife. Wildlife seen across the ranch throughout the year include elk, mule deer, antelope, black bear, mountain lion and bobcat, along with eagles, hawks, small birds and small prey mammals.

Water resources on Hecht Creek Ranch include the South Fork of the Little Laramie, Spring Creek, Hecht Creek, and seasonal streams.  Reservoirs on the property store and release irrigation water, and potable water is provided by an excellent mountain meadow aquifer.  The family has done considerable work to stabilize water crossings and stream banks across the property.

The Sigel family remains dedicated to preserving this beautiful place known as Hecht Creek Ranch.