Warren Livestock Company, a large cattle and sheep operation and one of Wyoming’s oldest corporations, was founded in 1874 and became incorporated in the fall of 1883 by Francis E. Warren. Warren was Wyoming’s first governor and senator. Warren understood the importance of obtaining water and mineral interests and was very intentional in selecting his land for ranching. The ranch was a family operation, and F.E. Warren’s son, Frederick, used innovative management techniques, keeping the ranch profitable. Frederick worked with Dr. John Hill with the University of Wyoming to create a specialized breed of sheep, the Warhill, that is still raised on the ranch today. The ranch was purchased by investors in 1963, eventually being bought out by Paul Etchepare in 1973.

In 2000 the ranch was sold to Doug and Susan Samuelson, and in 2006 Warren Livestock LLC donated 33,343 acres to a conservation easement with the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust. The ranch provides beautiful, unfragmented views that are made up of rolling hills, prairies and tall buttes, a nice change in scenery from the urban development that is coming to life all around Laramie County. The open spaces make up prime habitat for a wide variety of big game and non-game wildlife and provide a haven for both swift fox and ferruginous hawks. These species are listed as “species of special concern”, meaning they require special conservation management to reduce the likelihood of becoming an endangered species.

As stewards of this vast landscape, the Samuelson’s honor the history of the ranch by maintaining the tradition of grazing cattle and sheep, while also preserving and improving the landscape and wildlife habitat. We appreciate working alongside landowners like the Samuelson’s as partners in conservation, ensuring working agricultural land stays intact for future generations.