The Wyoming Public Lands Coalition (WPLC) has elected Dennis Sun as its Chairman and Wyoming Director of the Public Lands Council. Sun will replace Niels Hansen who ranches near Rawlins.

“We are extremely grateful to Niels for his leadership of the Wyoming Public Lands Coalition and we welcome Dennis into his new role. We are confident Dennis will lead WPLC well,” said Wyoming Stock Growers Association Executive Vice President Jim Magagna.

Sun has been involved in the livestock business since his grandmother gave him a cow and calf at 5 years old. He has ranched all his life west and southwest of Casper with his wife, Peggy. They have two grown children. Dennis is also publisher of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and has served on various federal lands boards and boards in land conservation, range conflict resolution, livestock, church, health care and ag education and local school education. His family has lived in Wyoming since the 1870s.

Hansen will continue to serve as Wyoming’s representative to the Public Lands Council’s Sage Grouse Task Force. WPLC delegates to PLC also include Rob Hellyer – Lander, Glenn Alameda – Rawlins and Shaun Sims – Evanston.
WPLC is made up of the Wyoming State Grazing Board, the Wyoming Stock Growers Association and the Wyoming Wool Growers Association. The WPLC is an affiliate of the Public Lands Council, a national organization representing livestock ranchers who use public lands. Both groups work to preserve the natural resources and unique heritage of the West.

According to the Public Land Council, public land ranchers own nearly 120 million acres of the most productive private land and manage vast areas of public land, accounting for critical wildlife habitat and the nation’s natural resources. WPLC and the Public Lands Council work to maintain a stable business environment in which livestock producers can conserve the West and feed the nation and world.