Homesteaded in the 1880’s and purchased by the Shore family in 1998, the Big Laramie River Ranch is nestled along the Laramie River in Albany County and is primarily used as livestock grazing land and for hay production. In 2005, the Shore family donated 1,120 acres to a conservation easement held with the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust.

The Shore family has a great understanding of land management for habitat enhancement and have implemented several practices to ensure that the ranch is able to effectively host livestock and an abundance of wildlife for years to come. The ranch provides essential habitat for multiple wildlife species due a vast layout of Laramie River riparian corridor, a montage of cottonwood groves, dry upland range, hay meadows, wetlands, ponds, and ditches. The Ranch is surrounded by numerous wildlife refuges, adding to the abundance of wildlife housed and seen on the property. It isn’t unusual to see moose, whitetail and mule deer, antelope, bear, mountain lion, badger, sandhill crane, geese, turkey and many bird species across the property on any given day.

In addition to the agricultural and wildlife habitat values, the Big Laramie River Ranch is a beautiful piece of property that sits next to Jelm Mountain and is just a short trek to the Medicine Bow National Forest, providing scenic views wherever you are on the ranch.