In 2002, Marietta C. Schumacher and Brush Creek Ranch placed 3,400 acres in a conservation easement held by the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust. The intent behind the conservation easement was to use the land for agricultural production and guest ranching, to conserve the open space values, and to prevent use that would significantly impair or interfere with the wildlife habitat values.

In 2008, ownership of the ranch transferred to BCR, LLC owned by Bruce White.  Since purchasing the ranch, renovations of the pre-existing cabins and barns were made, new quarters were built for the owners and ranch manager, and additional improvements were made including a recreation building, an equestrian center, a new lodge, and new food service facility. Consistent with their conservation ethic, BCR completed stream restoration of Brush Creek and updated management plans for grazing, watershed/erosion, agricultural production, forestry, and wildlife.

The history of Brush Creek Ranch is one of a working cattle ranch. The White’s aim to enrich this legacy through the preservation and enhancement of our unique ecosystem through ongoing environmental and economic preservation. While our world is changing at an ever-quickening pace, the need to uphold the past and western ranch heritage is even more imperative.

Today, Brush Creek Ranch is a well-known luxury resort that pays homage to the hard work, recreation, and adventure instilled by the original founders. Owner Bruce White noted “We work tirelessly to ensure that these lands are well cared for. Rotational grazing, stream and watershed enhancement, forestry management and organic greenhouse practices are just some of the conservation practices we institute. In addition, much of the sprawling 30,000+ acres has been placed in a conservation easement, which restricts further development while maintaining agricultural and recreational uses. We always encourage our guests to fully explore our legendary hospitality and abundant opportunities for recreation and hope they will take the time to become further educated on our ranch’s rich history, ecology and ranch-to-table culinary program.”