The Highline Ranch was purchased by the late Dr. John and Mrs. Susie Lunt in 1998, and in 2002 was protected with a donated easement held with the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust. The ranch has been a cattle operation for the last 100 years, contributing to Wyoming’s rich agricultural heritage. In addition to its agricultural values, the land boasts numerous acres of antelope, elk and mule deer crucial range, wetlands, and greater sage-grouse core area.

Dr. Lunt was a driving force behind the creation and success of the Land Trust, serving on the Board from 2001 until his death in 2015. Dr. Lunt was passionate about conservation and agricultural lands remaining in production. He once said, “For 130 years across Wyoming the hand of the rancher and farmer has been gentle, transformative, and landscape-enhancing; not because the early ranchers set out to be ‘environmentalists,’ but because their survival depended upon open working landscapes, irrigated meadows, and a healthy productive ecosystem…this landscape is what we inherit today.”

Although Highline Ranch has new owners, the easement, history, and values protected remain the same.