A historic Sheridan County Ranch, the PK Ranch, was purchased by Wayland H. Cato Jr. in 2001 from the Soldier Creek Preserve, Inc. an owned subsidiary of The Nature Conservancy’s Wyoming Chapter. In October 2002 Mr. Cato placed a fully donated, 4,908-acre easement with the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust on what is now known as the Soldier Creek Ranch.

Soldier Creek Ranch sits on the Bighorn Foothills and maintains an abundance of agricultural, ecological, and historical values.

The old PK Ranch was homesteaded in the late 1800’s and by 1925 switched ownership to the Morgan family. In July 1928, the Morgan family put on the first annual PK Ranch Rodeo. The event, which was “open to the world”, attracted a cool 17,000 attendees, nearly double the population of Sheridan at the time, drawing people in from 28 states.

Today, the ranch is still productive pasturing both cattle and horses, producing grass and alfalfa hay crops each year and boasting priceless views of the Big Horn Mountains. To read more about the historic PK Ranch Rodeo, click here. The Wyoming Room – Sheridan County Fulmer Library: 1928: The First P.K. Ranch Rodeo