If you have been a supporter of the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust (WSGLT) at any time during the past 15 years, you may have seen the small green “Accreditation” logo in the corner of our print materials and website, but you may not fully understand the importance that logo plays for us as a part of the land trust community.

In August, the WSGLT was awarded accreditation renewal through the Land Trust Alliance (LTA) Accreditation Commission.  The LTA is a national organization that advocates for over 1,000 land trusts. They offer support and training for land trusts, and also work to improve the quality of land trusts throughout the country. The WSGLT was originally accredited in 2001, and is required to seek re-accreditation every five years.

Kaylee Madigan, WSGLT Office Manager, holds the certificate next to the map of the ranches we have worked to conserve.

Accreditation is no small task and requires land trusts to meet the highest standards for land conservation and shows that the land trust is strong, effective and trustworthy. During the process of accreditation, the LTA worked with the WSGLT’s staff and Board to further strengthen our organization’s processes and procedures.

Accreditation demonstrates that the WSGLT is responsible and professional in its mission of conserving Wyoming’s working family ranches, farms and the wide-open spaces, natural habitats, and rural communities they support while also living up to the highest standards of land conservation. We are dedicated to our mission and we hope that you will join us in supporting another five years of Wyoming ag-land conservation.